The Trading Game – Press Kit

« Learn trading from A to Z, from Forex and stocks to cryptocurrency »
« Take fun, free courses to learn trading and master the markets »
« Master the markets and show off your skills to traders around the world »
« Learning trading from the pros, until you become one yourself »

Game Description:

Play the markets; become the next Warren Buffett or George Soros.
The Trading Game will help you master the art of investing, help you to understand the basic principles of trading charts, why the markets fluctuate and where those profit opportunities are hiding.

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Main features:

  • Learn how to invest with the free Trading School
  • Sharpen your knowledge with challenging quizzes
  • Develop your skills using the trend predictor
  • Practice trading with the 10 most in demand currencies, stocks and cryptocurrencies, plus the largest indices and six highly traded commodities
  • Vote in the World’s Most Trusted Trading Broker Award for 2018

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The team:

Our mission is to create projects that stand out from the crowd, help develop people’s skills, and help them have fun while learning. We bring together different skills and world views to create products that push the boundaries of efficiency, and encourage experiences. For us, it’s all about the journey and the process: we’re all about stepping outside our comfort zones, both in our work and in our lives.

Team Behind Success: